Calm, Pure & Zest CBD Oil, Gift Set Triple Pack, 3 x 5ml Bottle, 500mg Strength

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Our CALM OIL Blend contains Pure Distilled Broad Spectrum CBD that we have suspended in a pure MCT Oil that is derived from 100% pure coconut. We have added to this a special blend of natural PLANT TERPENES that have been specially selected to help relax and calm the spirit. Among many other things, CALM is designed to help with:
Mild depression
Sleep Issues
mild pain
Restless legs syndrome
Menstrual Pains

Our PURE OIL Blend has no added terpenes. We have just suspended our pure Broad Spectrum CBD in a balanced and organic MCT (coconut) Oil. Among many other things, it is essential for:
Boosting general feeling of good health
Reducing aches and pains
Reducing tension and feelings of stress by relaxing the muscular and nervous system
Creating homeostasis (regulating the internal workings of the body to keep our internal temperature constant)

Our ZEST OIL Blend contains Pure Distilled Broad Spectrum CBD which is suspended in an organic C8 (Caprylic Acid) MCT Oil. C8 is the shortest of all the Medium Chain Triglycerides making it the easiest to break down into fuel. It provides a quick and direct energy source. C8 is found in small concentrations in Virgin Coconut Oil (5% – 10%) but in our standard C8 MCT Oil, the concentration rises to 40%. We add to this a unique blend of Terpenes that have been specially selected to create a powerful but simple formula for an overall boost of health, improved mental clarity, increased energy and general well-being. Among many other things our ZEST OIL is designed to help with:
Lack of focus
Low Energy levels
General pain (arthritis, rheumatism)
Work stress

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