What Does Strength of CBD Mean?

CBD does not have different ‘strengths’, there is only the quantity of CBD in each drop that matters. The number of the drops that you take and the amount of CBD in each of those drops is what determines the dosage that you are taking.

It is very confusing to see a milligram (mg) figure on the label of a CBD bottle. It would be normal to assume that when you have a bottle that says 500mg and a bottle that says 1000mg that this is telling you two different ‘strengths’ of CBD. That is not the case. It is telling you only how much CBD is in the bottle.

There is usually another value showing on those bottles – the percentage. 1000mg = 1ml – therefore, a 10ml bottle of carrier oil that says it contains 1000mg of CBD is simply saying that 10% of the contents in that bottle is CBD. 500mg is saying that 5% is CBD. None of this is true of a 20ml bottle even though they might both say 1000mg on the label.

If you have a 20ml bottle of oil that says 1000mg CBD then the total amount of CBD in the bottle is just 5% so the amount of CBD per drop that you take is halved. In other words, the same amount of CBD has been diluted into a much larger volume of carrier oil so that each drop contains less.

When we talk about the ‘strength of the dose’, we are talking about how much CBD per drop you are putting in your mouth. The Honest Leaf Company CBD packaging tells you the exact quantity of CBD in every drop of oil that you take. This is how you measure the ‘strength’ of your dose.

So, look for these values when buying your CBD:

  • The Mg quantity of CBD content
  • The volume of oil in the bottle (10ml/20ml/30ml etc)
  • The percentage of CBD to Oil in the bottle
  • The exact quantity of CBD per drop of oil that you take.